IDW Transformers Comics Return to Humble Bundle

For a limited time, IDW’s Transformers comics have returned to Humble Bundle, a popular pay-what-you-want service that’s raising money for the Hasbro Children’s Fund. If you’re behind on IDW’s comics, this is a great opportunity to collect nearly the entire current era for a price you get to decide. Read on for all the details of this frankly incredible offer.

The bundle includes the first six volumes of More Than Meets the Eye plus issues #34-37. For all this, you can pay whatever you want. You can choose $10, $25, $50, $100, or any custom amount that comes to mind. If the price you choose is above the current average price people are paying (an amount displayed and updated in real time so you know what to shoot for) you get all that plus the first six volumes of Robots in Disguise plus Dark Cybertron Volume 1. If  you pay $5 or more above the average price, you will receive all that plus Robots in Disguise #33 and 34, plus Dark Cybertron Volume 2, plus Days of Deception #35-37! In all it’s a $155 value, available for whatever it is you choose to pay. If the average price is $10, you can pay $15 and receive $155 worth of comics.
Once you select the amount you wish to pay, you then get to choose how your dollars are allocated. You can divide the money in any manner you wish between IDW Publishing, the Hasbro Children’s Fund, and an optional tip for Humble Bundle.
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