Happy Birthday to the Transformers Colombia Fangroup!

Typically, when most of us think of the impact and reach Transformers has on the world, we tend only to think of North America, Japan and Europe. But the truth is, there are thriving communities of dedicated fans in South America as well. One such group has been around for nearly a decade and today marks their 7th anniversary. So cumpleaños feliz to Transformers Colombia who first began on March 29th,  2008.
As social media and the internet continues to bring the world closer and closer together, I’m proud to have become a part of their amazing community of fans and to call the administrator, Felipe León Nájera my friend.
The more fans there are around the world, especially amazing fans like the TF Colombia guys, the more we prove that Transformers as a brand really is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or nationality.