First Info On Transformers Generation Cyber Series

It seems that Hasbro has another new Transformers toyline on the horizon. Thanks to Autobase Aichi, we have word from Brazilian retailers of the Generations Cyber Series, a new toyline designed to be larger 7 and 11-inch figures with simpler transformations and joints for younger fans. Initial offerings include the Cyber 11 Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and the Cyber 7 Megatron. Read on for the details.
From Autobase Aichi:
“Generations Cyber ​​series” catalogs images, etc.
In the catalog of the Brazilian distributors for, new series of Generations has been posted.

The listed is the “Generations Cyber ​​series” that new line, pattern of low age for simple deformation items in the motif G1 character. It seems to expand in two sizes.
“Cyber ​​11 Assorted” is, to catalog the size of the street 11 inches of its name (about 28 cm), Optimus Prime and Bumblebee of G1-style new design has been published.
Another size is a “cyber 7 Assorted”, 7 inches (about 18 cm). Megatron to deform in tanks has been posted. Perhaps, Star Scream, which was exhibited in special events of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis other day, I will think or not than a lineup of seven inches size of series.
Pattern of release since autumn.
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