Figure King Gives First Look At Unite Menasor, New MP25 Pics, And More

Yes, Unite Menasor does include a Wildrider. Pics after the bump!

Along with Unite Menasor and new photos of Masterpiece Tracks, there’s also pics of the second wave of the Adventure line, some Q Transformers, and the new ‘other’ super-deformed line. Of course, as the byline indicated, the Menasor set has replaced Offroad with Wildrider. That will come as a welcome reveal for those seeking something the most G1-accurate set available. He’s a remold of fellow Stunticon Dead End, and now we just have to wait and see how drastically the Dead End mold has been altered to accomodate Wildrider.  These are rather low-res pics from the latest issue of Figure King, and we’ll hopefully have better shortly, but for now enjoy these low-res scans showing the slightly-grainy might of Menasor.
UPDATE:  The text in the magazine states that the Menasor pictures is the Hasbro release (minus Wildrider of course) and not the TakaraTomy version.