Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Commercial For Their New “Robots In Disguise” Exhibit

The Allspark’s favorite place, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, has just released a commercial for their all new “Robots in Disguise” exhibit that we recently were reporting live from. The commercial shows Steeljaw standing over the museum as Optimus Prime sends his message out that the Autobots are in need of your help to take down the cons! For those of you who have not been to the museum yet to see the exhibit, I urge that you go and see it for yourself. They have a lot of neat figures on display as well as concept art and dioramas of Griffin Rock that your kids will have fun interacting with as you drool over the unreleased Generations Voyager Starscream Prototype! Don’t forget to also check the gift shop for any “rare-too-retail” Transformers figures they might still be selling. You can discuss this in our thread. Don’t have an account? Sign up today!