Botcon 2006 Beast Wars Darksyde Megatron Gallery… Yessss.

I’ve recently discovered a treasure trove of original Allspark Galleries from former staff member Onyx Minor. I’ll be posting these up from time to time as a #throwbackThursday content feature so they will once again see the light of day. Welcome… to the past! First up is Botcon 2006 Beast Wars Megatron. This was a retool/recolor of Cybertron Defense Red Alert and was released on September 28th, 2006 at Botcon in Lexington Kentucky as part of the souvenir two-pack along with Darksyde Waspinator, whose gallery will be posted here as well.
Botcon 2006 Beast Wars Darksyde Megatron – Originally Published on The Allspark March of 2007


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