BadCube OTS-04 Wardog – Preorder up!

Now up for preoder – BadCube OTS-04 Wardog!

Preorders up at TFSource here:

BadCube OTS-04 Wardog



Robot 17cm

Tank 18 x 8 x 7cm

Prepare to be amazed… From Robot to Tank, it’s sized well with other MP scaled figures.

Mass shifting anyone?

Item Features:

  • Robot mode is scaled to MP car robot height.
  • Tank mode is scaled to MP semi-tractor size.
  • Huge mass differences in scale, between both modes
  • More joints articulation for better pose-ability

  • In scale with previous items such as Brawny and Backland.

  • Thicker armor (plastic) than Brawny and Backland



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