All Hail Megatron Receiving Full Japanese Translation, And Bonus Bookmark

IDW’s All Hail Megatron is receiving a fully translated print release in Japan, and there’s also a special incentive for early purchases: an exclusive bookmark.

The bookmark is limited per store, but the text doesn’t quite make it clear if it’s a pre-order bonus, or just as a give-away with initial copies sold at each retailer. That information will be much easier to ascertain for those who actually can speak Japanese, of course. This release contains all 12 issues of the main All Hail Megatron series, fully translated, and will retail for 3800 yen. Below you’ll find an image of the double-sided bookmark, which is quite a nice little extra, if not a wee bit humourous seeing as Optimus is triumphantly brandishing the American flag. The Japanese edition of All Hail Megatron will be released for sale on March 23rd.