X-Transbots MP Arkose (aka Beachcomber) To Get A G2 Repaint?

G2 Masterpiece repaints always seem to go over well with the fandom. Is X-Transbots going to give the fandom some G2 love with their upcoming attempt at an unofficial Masterpiece Beachcomber?

X-Transbots themselves don’t seem to have said anything about it, but one of their designers has. 539Designs posted his MP Beachcomber concept art in lovely G2 colours on their DeviantArt account. The piece, along with a full gallery of their work, is available via clicking right here. We’ve mirrored the specific G2 piece below for your convenience. Simply click the thumbnail to enlarge the image.
Will it be made? Should it be made? Tell us your opinion on the ugly glory that is G2 by discussing it on the Allspark Forums!