Transformers: Robots In Disguise To Premier In Australia On February 21st

Thanks to a user on fellow Transformers site Ozformers, it has now been revealed that the new Transformers show “Robots in Disguise” will air on February 21st in Australia on the Foxtel Network. The new show, as you know, has already debuted in China, and yesterday was it’s premier in France. Sadly, there still has not been an official word on when it will air here in America but fans continue to speculate that it will air here sometime in March. The next country to have RiD will be the United Kingdom followed by the land of fairy tales and beer, Germany.

Australian airdates:
Episode I – February 21 at 9:30am on Cartoon Network
Episode II – February 21 at at 4:30pm
Repeats of both episodes on the following morning (22nd at 6:30am back-to-back)
Episode III (titled “Trust Exercises”) – February 22nd at 9:30am then repeating at 4:30pm.