Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #37 Preview and Review!

Written by: James Roberts
Art by: Alex Milne
Colors by: Joana LaFuente
Letters by: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber

Elegant Chaos, Part 2: Stet

I didn’t intend to review this. Last time I worked really hard on a Quantum Leap joke and not one person commented, liked, or even groaned in exasperation. Then Kalidor told me that failure to review the comic would result in my being lost to the timestream. Something about the last board upgrade making him a Time Lord… I laughed, but then he threatened to change history and prevent coffee from existing. I can’t take the chance that he’s serious.
So! The penultimate chapter of “Elegant Chaos” sees our time-hopping heroes continuing to chase Brainstorm through Cybertron’s past. They comb the city-state of Rodion, trying to be inconspicuous and barely doing so. Tailgate and Cyclonus have a great moment together. We also see the world through the eyes of Ultra Magnus again, albeit very briefly. I love that gag so much.
After Brainstorm eludes Cyclonus and makes another time-jump, the crew follows him further into the past. Here we’re treated to a fantastic alternate POV on some scenes from Transformers #20 and MTMTE #9. It’s always fun to see Roberts show his hand on his long setups. Sometimes I wonder how much of it’s actually planned and how much of it he just throws in hoping to make sense of it later, but I’m not sure the difference matters as long as he can keep pulling it off.
Chromedome and Rewind get their own great moment together, and I’m really thrilled at Whirl’s use of “junxy”. It’s Whirl so he means it in a somewhat demeaning manner, but somehow this equivalent to “hubby” or “wifey” still manages to be a nice little affirmation of their relationship. Immediately following that, four different holy-crap/did-that-just-happen/that-can’t-be-good things occur in as many pages and just when I can’t take any more–To Be Concluded!
I don’t want to overlook Milne and LaFuente’s contributions here. Under their care the characters practically breathe (well, if they weren’t robots) and Cybertron is just… alive. When Cyclonus needs a moment to compose himself, I’m right there with him. Somehow with all the detail that’s being packed into the main characters, Milne still makes room for Easter eggs too!
Favorite Line: “I think we’ve made a huge mistake” –Megatron, who I now desperately want to hear voiced by Will Arnett.
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