Transformers: Legends Game Event – “Knights Of Unicron” Now Live!

The newest Transformers: Legends game event, “Knights of Unicron“, is now live!

Even before they were the hottest band in the universe, the Knights of Unicron were still the stuff of legends. Loved by fans from Antilla to Zarak, these true metalheads shredded like no one else could. With the powerful riffs of MEGATRON and SOUNDWAVE, and the crazy vocals from OPTIMUS PRIME, nothing was going to stand in their way, not tonight!
After years of melting faces and blowing roofs off of houses, the Knights of Unicron found themselves in need of new talent and possibly a new pecking order. MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME both vied for the position of frontman and lead singer, each claiming to have the touch.
Into this entered young AUTOBOT JAZZ. An up and coming musician known for his smooth grooves, AUTOBOT JAZZ was eager to prove himself in the Cybertronian music scene. He went to the Knights of Unicron audition with his friends LASERBEAK AND RATBAT in hand, to show the Knights what they could do.
Will AUTOBOT JAZZ and LASERBEAK AND RATBAT make it into the band? Will they win, if they dare? Can the group stand withstand the turmoil within their ranks? How will this look on CH1’s “Behind the Digital Audio File”? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends – “Knights of Unicron”!
Dear TRANSFORMERS Legends Fans,
Please be aware that with the arrival of the Ultra Legendary reward cards, like the mighty MENASOR, the difficulty of our events have increased to rise to the challenge of these and the other, more powerful cards!
Roll out,