Toys R Us Australia Accidentally Confirms Leader Starscream Via Publication Of Bio

Toys R Us Australia’s listing for Combiner Wars Leader Megatron has a slight boo-boo on it: the bio accompanying it isn’t for Megatron at all, but for Starscream, a character not yet announced for release. Oops!

The May comic solicitations showed us our first glimpse at a possible Leader Starscream, with an image of him using the Leader Seeker body seen on Thundercracker, rather than the body he’d been using until now, based on last year’s Generations Starscream toy showcasing the Armada design. That lead to whispers, but this certainly seems concrete enough to move this one up to fact, that Leader Starscream is indeed on the way. You can click here to visit the TRU Australia page in question, and the bio itself is copied below. Note that underneath that is the cover for Transformers #41, the comic cover mentioned earlier in the article.
We now have 2 questions: Will he come with the crown? And just how soon is he going to be out, seeing as we now already have his bio, yet were shown Ultra Magnus at Toy Fair, and not Starscream? The fact his bio has been disseminated to retailers this early does hint that he may be, or may have been, intended to show up in the very near future. Here’s the bio:
Starscream commands one of the most fearsome military units from Cybertron: the Seekers. The squadron has brought him great power and glory, but that means nothing as long as Megatron is the one who rules the Decepticons. Until Starscream can claim that throne, he will have to be content to be king of the Seekers.
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