Toy Fair 2015 Transformers Generations – from @AllsparkNews

@AllsparkNews tweeted about Generations.  Read on to see those collected tweets!
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  • Mentioned possible female combiner in the fan built vote.
  • Reveal Defensor art, looks intense.
  • Streetwise, Rook, Blades is a retool of Alpha Bravo, First Aid is a retool of Ruckus guy.
  • Voyager Cyclonus, looks great.  Combine into Galvatronus.
  • IDW Leader Magnus with Minimus inside.  Weapons form a hammer.
  • Devastator video.
  • Scrapper, no elbows.
  • Constructicon heads are cartoon-based.
  • Very simple robots, though others have elbows.
  • Wide Load is very wide.

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