Today is Deadline for Charity Drive!

Today is the final day for our charity drive supporting the Hasbro Children’s Hospital!  So far we’ve raised over $600 to support this great cause, and if you want to get in on the first drive of our Allspark Foundation, read on to see how to donate by midnight tonight!

The Hasbro Children’s Hospital will hold the Scrabble Ball on March 7, 2015, and as in prior years we’ll sponsor this great event.
Visit our online store to donate. (US Only)
Paypal donations here (if you’re international or just prefer it):

For the first $500 donated, Square won’t charge any fees – and after $500 I pledge to cover a portion of fees myself.  So as much money as possible that’s donated to the Allspark Foundation for this drive will go straight to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital without any other overhead.
Remember your donations are now tax-deductible!  So hang onto your receipt and you can claim your donation when you file your taxes.
Our deadline is February 28, and you can discuss in either the Transformers Discussion or General Discussion forums.
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