Third Party Combiner Wars Motomaster Improvements

For those currently enjoying Combiner Wars Optimus Prime or Motormaster, an early complaint is that the ratchet joints of the hips limit posability. With such wide teeth comprising the mechanism, the angles at which the hips can be placed are quite limited. The obvious solution? A new ratchet mechanisms with more teeth for more poses. Enter GlauGWorks on Shaleways, who has developed a mechanism with twice the number of teeth. Read on for the details.

Order yours now: GlauGWorks on Shapeways.
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  • Not sure if you've seen the alternate transformation for the shoulders, but it puts the sockets in a better position. Bascially, you rotate them 90° which also raises the shoulders and looks better for Menasor. All we need is a way to lock them in more solidly. Some people want a way to hide the fists better too.

  • I'm waiting for some thigh extensions for Optimus (preferably with fuel tanks) that will work in all 3 modes. This one ( looks great, but not sure how it'd hold up in combiner mode.

    I'm also not happy with how far back the shoulder sockets are in combiner mode. I should fix that…