The Latest Humble Bundle Wants To Give You Games From A Galaxy Far, Far, Away

Support charity. Get a bantha-load of classic Star Wars games on Steam. Kiss your sister. Okay, just do the first 2. PLEASE just do the first 2!

The almighty Humble Bundles are going from strength to strength, giving great loot to averages joes like us, and giving even better money and essential supplies to those who need it most, via UNICEF. There’s just over 5 days left till the current Bundle expires, and it’s definitely one you want to get in on. This time it’s Star Wars games on offer, redeemable via Steam, and it’s the best of the best. As is the Humble Bundle way, the price you pay is entirely up to you. You pay what you believe it’s worth, and there’s certain tiers that also offer additional games as a further incentive. There are 12 games all up, ranging from the 2 Force Unleashed games, and the classic Knights Of The Old Republic games (the Bundle is worth getting for these alone, they’re just that good, and the first is essentially the precursor to Mass Effect in gameplay mechanism), and plenty more. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s first person shooter (Republic Commando), RTS (Empire At War), good old RPG (the aforementioned KOTOR games), whatever you feel like.
There’s just over 5 days left on the countdown as of the time of this article, so hurry on over, get your game on, and support a wonderful charity in the process. Click here to be taken to a page far, far away at the Star Wars Humble Bundle page.