New Combiner Wars Store Listings: Bruticus And Computron Join The Fray?

It’s time to set that Combiner Wars rumour mill aflame once more, as we have some new store listings, revealing possible new entries to the sensational Combiner Wars line.

These listings come courtesy of user Mr Chaos at TFW2005, and list the following figures and UPC codes:

  • Autobot Pipes (63050936835)
  • Chop Shop (63050936836)
  • Shockwave (63050936837)
  • Buzzsaw (63050936838)
  • Scattershot (63050936922)
  • Onslaught (63050936923)

As always, we’ll have to see just what these turn out to be, but they certainly conform to earlier listings and speculation, and all make a lot of sense in terms of utility and fan popularity.
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