Shout! Factory launches ShoutFactoryTV Free Streaming Service

Fans of retro television, rejoice! Purveyors of classic TV series DVDs (including Transformers) Shout! Factory have just launched ShoutFactoryTV, and online streaming service dedicated to classic movies and TV series. Best of all, it’s free!

SHOUT! FACTORY TV is a premiere digital entertainment streaming service that brings timeless and contemporary cult favorites to pop culture fans. With a uniquely curated entertainment library, the channel offers an unrivaled blend of cult TV shows, movies, comedy, original specials and more – presenting an exciting entertainment alternative to major streaming services.
SHOUT! FACTORY TV is a free-to-the viewer, ad-supported video offering containing full-length television shows, movies, specials, and original content viewable through desktop computers, mobile, tablet, and “over-the-top” devices such as Roku.

While their initial selection is slim in places (no Transformers toons yet!) they do have a pretty decent catalog of fan favorites already lined up. They’ve got ReBoot, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The Twilight Zone, The Weird Al Show, and plenty of classic “B movie” horror films, to name just a few. Shout! Factory is known to DVD collectors for digging up gems and licensing titles we never thought we’d see in print again, so hopefully they can bring the same enthusiasm for classic media to the world of online streaming.
To check out their catalog so far, visit the ShoutFactoryTV website, then join the discussion HERE in the Allspark Forums! Don’t have an Allspark account? Click Here to make one!