Oni Press Preparing To Sing The Doom Song?

It looks like the cult-hit cartoon Invader Zim may be making a return via comics. A tweet by Oni Press hints at this rather blatantly, and we love them for it.

There’s been no official announcement, so it’s still officially and technically a rumour, albeit one that’s rather obviously happening. The tweet in question was retweeted by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez, along with friend of Vasquez and voice actor of GIR, Rikki Simmons, further cementing that this is indeed on the horizon. A return of the cartoon has been rumoured at various times over the years since it was cancelled, and with Vasquez’ roots firmly in comics, this could be a very fun and crazy ride, and a great way to get new Zim content. Click here for a summary of the story at Bleeding Cool. Below is the original tweet by Oni Press, sent out last week.