Newest Round Of Fan Vote Live, Listing Gender, Name, And More. Also: Galvatronus!

The newest round of voting for the Fan Built Combiner is up, and it’s a doozy. Add to that a first look at Cyclonus’ Combiner mode head and chest, and it’s a double doozy. Fetch an aspirin!

Here’s a listing of all the options in the latest round of voting, available now on the Official Transformers App (aka The App Formerly Known As The Age Of Extinction App), on IOS and Android. Decide the following-
Gender: Male or Female
Name: Victorion or Slammoth or Quakebreak
Personality: Loyal or Independent or Leader
Nemesis: Devastator or Galvatronus or Menasor
Now, we obviously know who Devastator and Menasor are and what they look like. Galvatronus is helpfully pictured, and is, as suspected, the super mode of the upcoming Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus. The app also shows a picture of Cyclonus in this super mode, and the head makes it clear it’s definitely Galvatron rocking the big limbs! Below you’ll find screenshots of all the new voting screens, including the nice new image of Galvatronus. These are courtesy of Autobase Aichi. Next to it is the cropped shot of Galvatronus, courtesy of forum member Jalaguy. Simply click any of the thumbnails below to enlarge the images.

Voting closes soon, so make sure to get yours in on time. Is Slammoth the greatest new name in Transformers history? Does Quakebreak get a black mark for rhyming? Tell us your take, and keep up to date on voting news and rumours, via the Allspark Forums.