New Videos From Toy Fair

YouTube user Caution Low Sign has uploaded two new videos from this past Toy Fair, giving us another look at the Constructicons and Ultra Magnus. Check them out after the break.

The first video focuses on Long Haul, demonstrating the loud ratchet joints, including a ratcheting waist. The second portion of the video demonstrates how Devastator’s forearms fold up to form missile batteries. Seeing these in-hand demonstrations also gives a sense of how massive this Devastator is. Check it out.

The second video focuses on Leader Class Ultra Magnus. Design Manager John Warden demonstrates how Minimus Ambut fits inside the chest. Next, he points out the presence of 1/144 scale details, and states that he’d like to include more of these details in the future.
Do those loud ratchets make you more excited for Combiner Wars Deastator? Are we seeing the beginning of an era of scale in Transformers? Join the discussion on our Forums! Don’t have an account?  Click here to make one!