New Machine Robo (Gobots) Figures on the Way?

Thanks to CyberGundam and TagHobby, we now have our first images of a new “Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos” toy line. The figures are seemingly on display at a recent toy expo in the Action Toys/Artstorm booth, who are fairly familiar with the Machine Robo brand having released licensed toys based on the characters before. This time though, they are fully transforming figures!
For Gobot fans, this is no doubt welcome news. Machine Robo was the brand that was brought over by Tonka in the 1980’s and given the Gobots – Might Robots, Might Vehicles treatment. The first nine figures were shown and consist of (using the Gobot names for Western fans) Tank, Cy-Kill, Fitor, Screw Head, Snoop, Block Head, Leader-1, Spay-C, and Turbo.
Head over to TagHobby for the images, or read on to see mirrors of the images.