NECA Bringing You Simpsonsised Stan Lee, Adam West, Tom Petty, And More!

These were mentioned in the BigBadToyStore Preorder News article, but they’re cool enough to justify their own spotlight. NECA’s fifth wave of ’25 Greatest Guest Stars’ has been shown, and it’s an epic wave to end on (unless they decide to give us 25 more, we’re not complaining).

The fifth wave consists of eight figures (remember, the actual non-celebrity Simpsons characters don’t count for the 25), and consists of pop culture icons Stan Lee, Adam West, and Matt Groening, along with musicians Tom Petty and Lenny Kravitz. They’ll be packed with new versions of Homer, Bart and Milhouse. Milhouse is in the ever popular Fallout Boy costume. Look out, Radioactive Man!
You can preorder the set of eight here at BigBadToyStore, and click the thumbnail below to embiggen the image of everyone from the wave.