Limited-Time Transformers Shirts on RIPT Apparel

Once again, RIPT Apparel has a selection of new Transformers-themed designs available today, featuring some fan-fave Decepticon characters on tee shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, posters and more! Hit ‘Read More’ to check ’em out.
Designer AtomicRocket has two shirts in today’s trio; ‘GUNS Don’t Kill’ features Megatron in Walther P38 mode, and on the other of the spectrum, ‘Hello Minions’ is an adorable blend of Soundwave and Hello Kitty. The third design, ‘Starscreaming Justice’ by DannMatthews, features Laserbeak paying tribute to Judas Priest’s ‘Screaming for Vengeance’ album cover art.
As with all RIPT offerings, each design is only available for a limited time, and as of this posting you’ve got just over 13hrs to get your orders in. Check them out HERE.