Jem And The Holograms News – First Image from Live Action Movie, Kimber and Stormer’s Relationship In Comics Confirmed

For fans of Jem and the Holograms, there’s a couple of news items that have hit over the past couple of days. For starters, our very first look at the live action movie characters and costumes have come via Elle Magazine’s March 2015 issue. The magazine has published the first image of Jem (portrayed by Aubrey Peeples) and her band in costume and on stage playing instruments.
The second piece of news is about IDW Publishing’s comic book. Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Ross Campbell, in an interview with, have confirmed that the characters of Kimber and Stormer are gay and that a romantic relationship between the two will be explored in the comic. They also say that they hope to go on to explore other LGBT characters and issues in tradition of the brand’s diversity.
You can see the image from the movie on, and read the interview with the comic creative team on