It’s Upfront Season for Cartoon Network

This time of year brings Upront season for the television industry. While Hasbro is busy selling toys by soliciting retailers with Toy Fair, their television partners spend this time of year selling airtime by soliciting advertisers. The process is called an Upfront, and it can be an entertaining and lucrative affair.

While the major Upfronts of the season typically take place in New York City during May’s Sweeps week to sell advertising space for the Fall Season on the major Broadcast Networks, digital networks like Cartoon Network who premier seasons earlier in the year need to get started now. These presentations are often augmented with video clips of the shows and, in the case of major series, comedy events, musical numbers, and appearances by star actors.
Cartoon Network’s executives have been hard at work with their Upfront this year. These meetings with major advertisers allow them to sell commercial air time up front, long before new series and seasons will air on the network. With Robots in Disguise scheduled to air this spring, the network is wrapping up an aggressive 2015-16 Upfront that sees them in the #1 position with Boys programming.
They have been making much of their presence beyond the television screen as well, capturing this young generation of digital/mobile viewers and capitalizing this presence into ratings growth. Christina Miller, a president of the network, stated “whether in short or long form there are no walls for how Cartoon Network can be consumed. Digital, mobile and TV have all come together for this new generation of kids, who are very comfortable with the sheer volume of choice; and when you deliver compelling original content and innovative ways of experiencing it, they will find it, engage with it, and share it on every platform.”
The 2015-16 Upfront sees Cartoon Network on the road again, with top executives traveling to major cities across the country to meet with advertisers and promotional partners to present its upcoming programming and digital ventures to sell advertising space and discuss strategic marketing.
Learn more about Cartoon Network’s Upfront here. Thanks to Daith for the lead on this article.
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