Invader Zim Set on Lego Ideas

Are you still a fan of Invader Zim? Are you hyped about the recent news of the show’s imminent return in comic form? Do you love flying piggies? Then you’re going to love this proposed Invader Zim set currently gathering support at Lego Ideas. If not, this project still offers wonderful incite into the process behind submitting to Lego Ideas.

The proposed set recreates Zim’s house in painstaking detail both inside and out, including episode-specific details like the big plate of waffles on the kitchen table. The sides of the house open to allow access to Zim’s living room and kitchen, and the roof opens to reveal a very nicely rendered Voot Cruiser. This Voot Cruiser alone would be an excellent set, but here it’s part of a much larger package. As for minifigures, the proposal includes Zim, Dib, four lawn gnomes, Gir both in his Earth disguise and in his mighty robot form, and of course a flyin‘ pig.

Unfortunately the set is nowhere close to approval or production at this point. It’s only a fan’s idea, albeit one officially submitted to The Lego Group. Lego Ideas is a crowdsourcing platform operated by The Lego Group that allows fans to submit set ideas. It began in 2008 as a collaboration between The Lego Group and a crowdfunding website called Cuusoo. The resulting venture was called Lego Cuusoo. If you’ve heard of the site before, you can be assured that Lego Ideas is the same thing. The Lego Group recently took full control of Lego Cuusoo and renamed the site Lego Ideas.
The process begins with the submission of a set design. The community then has an opportunity to review and comment on the project, and if they so choose they may vote to pledge their support. The goal at this stage is to reach 10,000 supporters. After the first 1000 votes the proposal receives a preliminary review to check for licensing conflicts that would render any further effort moot. This Invader Zim project has cleared this first milestone, but is still far short of the crucial 10,000 supporters it needs to reach the review stage, in which it would go before the Lego Review Board for a full evaluation. If this set does not reach 10,000 supporters within 66 days, the proposal will fail. If it is then submitted again, it will have to start from scratch.
If you have a mighty need for this Invader Zim set, head to the project page here and click the “Support” button, and be sure to spread the word.