G.I Joe Con 2015 Undertow Officer Revealed

Fun Publications, organizers of Hasbro’s Official G.I. Joe convention, G.I. Joe Con, have now revealed the fifth member of the exclusive Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers box set – Undertow Officer. The Officer uses the 25th anniversary frogman Baroness mold and adds Undertow gear and Iron Grenadier coloring to create this brand new character. The figure comes with removable scuba mask, harness, scuba tank backpack, pistol, trident… And what would an Undertow Officer be without a barracuda (the fish) to swim beside? Also noted is that the character is South African, of which there are few characters from that region in G.I. Joe lore.
Head over to GIJoeCon.com for the reveal. And discuss this news in our G.I. Joe discussion thread.