G.I. Joe Con 2015 Second Reveal is Tiger Force Dial Tone

The G.I. Joe Con 2015 page has been updated with the second reveal for the convention set: Tiger Force Dial-Tone. Dial-Tone first joined the Tiger Force special mission team in 2003 as part of the Toys R Us exclusive 5-pack along with Stalker, Big Brawler,  Jinx, and Wreckage. This new, modern era sculpt recreation of the 2003 “O-Ring” figure does change up the deco slightly, however. The Toys R Us 5-pack used orange and blue for a number of its figures color schemes, but these colors weren’t colors used on the original, domestic Tiger Force repaints from the 1980’s. So seemingly to help blend the team together a bit more, the orange and blue from 2003 Tiger Force Dial-Tone has been changed to yellow and brown. Colors that were used on the 1980’s rendition of the team.
Head over to the G.I. Joe Con website for the reveal. Or read on to see a mirror of the image. Then head over to our G.I. Joe discussion thread and sound off with your opinion of the exclusive!