First G.I. Joe Con 2015 Exclusive Revealed – Wreckage

Fun Publications have revealed their first exclusive figure for the 2015 G.I. Joe Con box set – And it’s Wreckage! “Who? ” you might ask. Wreckage was first seen in a 1988 product catalog under the code name “Sabertooth” as a straight redeco of the 1984 Firefly figure. The G.I. Joe fandom lamented the figure’s nonavailability, however, a surprise came for them in 2003 when Hasbro and Toys R Us released a Tiger Force 5-pack and the Sabertooth was included and renamed as…you guessed it… Wreckage!
The JoeCon 2015 Wreckage figure not only shows off this particular homage, but also confirms the theme as being Tiger Force.
Head over to the G.I. Joe Con website for a look.