Fantastic! Doctor Who LEGO is Coming

It’s a fandom match made in space and time, as Whovians and Lego Maniacs both have something to look forward to with the announcement that official Doctor Who LEGO sets will be coming by the end of the year.
Radio Times reports the idea was spawned via a fan initiative on the Lego Ideas website, an online forum where Lego fans are invited to submit ideas and designs for consideration by the company. The Doctor Who proposal by fan Andrew Clark garnered over 10,000 votes from fellow users, making it the first fan-generated idea to be immortalized in plastic. Clark’s proposed set (which will no doubt differ somewhat from what ends up being produced) features the Tenth Doctor and Rose, the Fourth Doctor and K-9, and various enemies including Cybermen, Daleks, and Weeping Angels.
And, of course, the TARDIS.
No solid release date has yet been announced. A fan-designed set based on WALL-E will also be produced. Check out the article at Radio Times which includes a video featuring LEGO UK spokesperson Emma Owen’s announcement.