Fansproject LER-03 Volar and Velos revealed and available for Preorder

While we’ve seen some hardcopies and pictures from conventions and the like; we finally have our first proper look at Fansproject’s upcoming Lost Exo Realm – LER-03 Volar and Velos. Volar is their version of Dinobot Swoop with his new little “Minicon” partner Velos. This release of Volar comes in the toy accurate (and unified Dinobot) Red scheme. Long time fans will remember G1 Swoop was colored blue on the original show, a holdover from his Diaclone coloration. Fans interested in a show accurate version will likely want to wait for the inevitable Diaclone recolor. Also of note, his Pteranodon proportions and stance are much more realistic than we’re accustomed to if that’s your thing.
You can place preorders at BBTS or TFSource and discuss this news in Destron D-69’s thread in B.O.T. Talk here on the Allspark.