Everything You Want To Know About Hasbro’s Media and Content Strategy

Adweek has an incredibly detailed article up which looks in-depth at Hasbro’s media and content business strategies, what has led them to huge success, and how they’re learning from missteps to find even greater success! It’s an honest look, including candid behind-the-scenes accounts from people who worked on The Hub, and should make any fan of Hasbro brands feel completely confident with the company’s direction.
Adweek’s article by Sam Thielman can be read here:  “The Rise and Fall and Rise of Hasbro’s TV Strategy: What went wrong with The Hub, and what the toymaker hopes will go right.”
Some of the most interesting highlights include:

  • How declining viewership for kids’ TV factored returning control of The Hub back to Discovery even though it was profitable and growing.
  • How their movies, both blockbusters and disappointments, have influenced their slimmed-down production approach to Allspark Pictures and “Jem and the Holograms.”
  • How they leverage their toy-aisle dominance to make inroads into electronics and other licensed products.
  • How ticked off Mattel must be after Hasbro acquired the Disney license!
  • How “content is key,” and how iconic characters like Optimus Prime drive their success and longevity.

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