Even More Robots In Disguise Product Listings: One-Step Quillfire, Springload, Warrior Megatronus, Legion Windblade, etc!

After three new Transformers: Robots in Disguise One-Step listings appeared (and disappeared) on Hasbro’s French website late yesterday, Mr. Chaos from the 2005 Boards went hunting for more…And he found some real doozies!
• Quillfire (B4653)
• Springload (B4652)
Legion Class
• White Sideswipe (B2977)
• Black Bumblebee (B2976)
• Patrol Mode Strongarm (B4684)
• Drift (B4684)
• Thunderhoof (B4683)
• Clampdown (B4862)
• Windblade (B4681)
Warrior Class
• Fracture (B4686)
• Megatronus (B4687)
So it looks like we’ll be getting quite a few of the Decepticons and in different size classes, as well as a Warrior (Deluxe) Megatronus, and a Legion Windblade! Those who voted in the Fan-Built Bot poll or have read IDW’s comic books featuring the character will no doubt be excited by that last one!
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