Emerald City Comic Con Soundwave Exclusive T-Shirt and Vinyl Figure

This just in, Emerald City Comic Con is going to have an exclusive Soundwave Designer Vinyl toy as well as a T-shirt that was designed by the people over at WeLoveFine! The figure is going for $40 while the shirt is listed at $25! You can take a look at both of the exclusives here. Emerald City Comic Con will be held March 27-29 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington!

Soundwave Designer Vinyl Toy
Price: $40
This officially licensed exclusive Transformers-inspired vinyl toy was designed by Wade Schin. Each figure also includes an ECCC Super Mix tape that fits inside of Soundwave’s chest!
Limited edition of 1400. Available from the ECCC Merchandise Booths.


ECCCxWLF Soundwave T-Shirt
Price: $25
Emerald City Comicon and WeLoveFine have created an exclusive line of convention apparel dubbed ECCCxWLF. The design of this shirt is based on our exclusive Soundwave vinyl toy.
This Transformers-inspired shirt is available in Unisex and Women’s sizes. Available only from the Atrium Lobby ECCC Merchandise Booth.