Combiner Wars Leader Starscream Coming?!

With the May 2015 solicitations of IDW’s upcoming Transformers titles, we’ve been given a glimpse of what may be an upcoming Leader sized Starscream figure.  For those familiar with the official backstory for Combiner Wars, you already know that Starscream plays a big part.  It would only make sense for Starscream to receive a new figure and it looks like he’ll be receiving an upgrade soon.  On the cover of Transformers #41 Starscream is sporting the same body as Combiner Wars Leader Thundercracker!  Starscream features the same toy specific details on his body not featured on the other F-22 based bodies in IDW fiction, such as the jet thrusters behind his head and the lack of shoulder pylons.  Notably Starscream is also wearing his Coronation Crown (which may be present in story only and not an actual figure accessory).  Check out the image below.


Regular Cover

Regular Cover



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