Benson Yee Interviews Hasbro’s Jerry Jivoin – Toy Fair 2015

Ben Yee of BWTF was able to sit down with Hasbro’s Jerry Jivoin and interview him at this years Toy Fair in New York. In the interview, he talks to Jivoin about the designs for the Combiner Wars line and even mentions some things about the Fan-Built Combiner! He also talks about the thought process behind the introduction of new Combiner characters like Alpha Bravo! Jivoin also goes on to explain why Devastator was made a Titan class Combiner instead of just another Deluxe/Voyager. Saying that if they had made him be smaller than it would’ve required them to make two Voyagers and four Deluxes to make the toy work properly.  Click here for the full interview and be sure to discuss it in Nevermore’s thread! Don’t have an account? Sign up today!