UK Toy Fair News!

It seems some banners have leaked from the show and they show us quite a few surprises. Foremost among them is a white redeco of Combiner Wars Optimus Prime. Given the history of that color scheme it’s most likely Ultra Magnus although there is the overly remote possibility of Thunderclash or an even more impossible “Hate Plague Resistant Prime”. This mysterious figure also looks to have a car looking very much like Rodimus plugged in as a chestplate making a Blackjack redeco as Rodimus almost assured. We also see a very Classics-esque Bumblebee. No idea if that means he’ll be getting a re-release or he’s just there as a reuse of Legends card art. Some of the other pictures also Generations Megatron as well as stock art of RiD Grimlock and RiD Optimus Prime.
Thanks to Gearshift for the news!
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UK Toy Fair Banner


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