Transformers Universe Concept Art by Tom Stockwell

Over on ArtStation, concept artist Tom Stockwell is sharing some art that he had done for the Jagex’s “Transformers Universe” which has come to an unfortunate end. His concept art for the game features designs for Arcee, Hound, Ratchet and Megatron; with Megatron, Ratchet, & Arcee taking their looks from their TF:Prime styles. You can view the art below and if you wish to look at Tom’s ArtStation profile then please click here.



One comment

  • I hate this game is going to end… u.u It had such an awesome potencial… I hope Hasbro rescues the new characters and uses them properly… I loved the cons from Rampart, Flat-line, Shellshock to the glass cannon Firebreaker… T.T