Transformers Robots In Disguise Retail Round-Up

If you or a child are looking to get hands on some of the simpler, more “kid-friendly” Transformers: Robots in Disguise toys, you may want to head out to stores this weekend!
Firstly, retail stores are beginning to attach manufacturer’s coupons to the packages of Transformers One-Step and Three-Step Robots in Disguise figures. While $2 off of the $19.99 Three-Step figures may not seem like much, $2 off of the $9.99 One-Step figures does make quite the impact.
And secondly, the Tiny Titan assortment of small PVC figurines is continuing its expanse into the US. Wave 1 of the little cartoony caricature figures has been spotted at the Hamburg, NY Toys R Us store for $1.99 each.
Read on to see images of the One-Step and Three-Step figure with coupon as well as an image of the Tiny Titans on store shelf.