Transformers: Robots In Disguise Opening Sequence

Need more Robots in Disguise? YouTuber Gokai Jolt has a little nugget that might help feed your craving! The opening sequence for Transformers: Robots in Disguise isn’t as flashy or dramatic as the Transformers Prime and Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters sequences, but it does its job of introducing the characters in a quick 20 seconds. And that’s also despite it seemingly being just clips from the show set to a short clip of music.
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One comment

  • im glad optimus is back in the new show im ok with them doing different storys with him the 12 primes sounds kinda much rather the show be along the lines of tf prime but ill give it a season to see how the show turns.out. id like the matrix to be a part of the show and have optimus get help from alpha trion jounery into the martrix type of deal.. ok ill admit im a big gen 1 i think ops should look like he did in japan but this look might grow on me.. it might turn out to be a really good show..