Transformers Robots in Disguise Episode Synopses

The Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon has been released in China and several streaming services have the episodes available online. Our own unluckiness has sat down to put together a synopsis of each of the fourteen episodes available. Spoilers abound, so turn back now if you’re waiting for the North American release in February.

unluckiness offers us the following:
Episode 1: 
Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Strongarm follow the guidance given by a vision of Optimus Prime. From the planet Cybertron, they face a new challenge: Minicon Fixit’s prison ship crashes on Earth, with the Decepticons prisoners aboard. Their stasis pods are scattered about. Denny and Russell are a father and son duo who live in Crown city. Danny’s hobby is collecting used machine parts from a large junkyard.

Episode 2: 
Bumblebee’s team awakens the Dinobot Grimlock who fights and defeats Underbite. Underbite tries to escape to Crown City but Russell and Sideswipe use an aluminum car model as bait to lead Underbite into a quarry where he is defeated by being pushed into a pit. The image of Optimus Prime appears and commands Bumblebee to lead the team in defending Earth.

Episode 3: 
An oil tanker near Crown City is attacked by Hammerstrike. Hammerhead paranoia grips the seas throughout the planet. Bumblebee and Grimlock team up to defeat Hammerstrike. Strongarm confronts the reformed Decepticon Grimlock, mistrustful of him, causing Grimlock to leave.

Episode 4:
Butch appears, having been stolen equipment to build a spaceship to leave Earth, lacking only the fuel to power the ship. Bumblebee is dispatched to capture him. Fixit’s timely assistance allows him to defeat Butch. 

Episode 5:
A stasis pod is discovered near the Crown City Museum of Natural History. Denny and Russel, disguised as archaeologists and the Autobots in car form manage to obtain the stasis pod. The bull-like Terrashock emerges from the stasis pod. Bumblebee’s team is exposed to the public during the ensuing fight thanks to Danny and Russell.

Episode 6:
Thunderhoof masquerades as a monster from local folklore known as the Kospego and commands humans to collect components to construct a space bridge leading back to Cybertron. The activation of the space bridge causes unexpected consequences, trapping Bumblebee and Sideswipe within the portal. Thunderhoof is transported elsewhere and runs into Grimlock.

Episode 7:
A bird-like Decepticon, Filch, is detected and is successfully captured by Bumblebee’s team after some difficulty. Reality show director Denny wants to interview Larry LaRue, an antique collector but is rejected. Strongarm realizes that her teammates are more important than a rigid adherence to rules and regulations.

Episode 8:
Steeljaw secretly plants a Nitan, a louse-like device, inside Grimlock’s body to control him. Grimlock is sent to attack a car junkyard and obtains Underbite’s stasis pod. Bumblebee and Sideswipe manage to expel the Nitan and bring Grimlock back to normal. Steeljaw and Underbite manage to escape.

Episode 9:
While on patrol alone, Strongarm encounters Springload, a frog-like Decepticon. Springload believes that he is still on Cybertron and searches for the legendary lost city Doradas. Bumblebee, secretly tailing Strongarm, helps her to defeat Springload.

Episode 10:
The Autobot Jazz arrives from Cybertron to investigate the crash of the prison ship. The earthworm-like Decepticon Ped excavates the area near a scrapyard in search for energon crystals. The Autobots place energon near the residual energy signal of the stasis pod as bait to apprehend Ped.

Episode 11:
Bumblebee engages Quillfire in battle but is infected with a toxin that renders his intelligence at a child-like level. Quillfire later releases the elephants at the zoo but Bumblebee and Grimlock manage to corral them. Bumblebee defeats Quillfire and the toxin wears off.

Episode 12:
Two Cybertronian spacecraft land to the West of the Crown Forest. The Autobots pursue the Decepticon Fracture. Drift saves Bumblebee from Fracture, for which Bumblebee thanks him after the battle but Fracture manages to escape.

Episode 13:
The crab-like Decepticon Clampdown appears in Crown City’s flood control channel. Clampdown’s MO is to persuade others to uncover hidden treasure. During the fight, Clampdown is saved by Steeljaw and forced to join his army.

Episode 14:
Optimus trains under the Minicon member of the Thirteen in order to better capture the Decepticons. The skunk-like Decepticon Stench, with the ability to spray an incapacitating toxin, appears, leading a gang of four. Grimlock, Sideswipe and Strongarm succumb to the toxin but Bumblebee is able to save the day. After the battle, Bumblebee reminds his team members of the value of focus and unity in their mission.

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Editor’s Note: Article updated 1/2/15 with improved translation and application of North American names from unluckiness.