Transformers Asia APS01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition

The folks at Hasbro Asia have teased an upcoming release, under the TakaraTomy banner, in their Asia Premium Series – APS01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition.  Not all the details have been released so far, but based on the picture it’s the Dark of the Moon Leader / Supreme Jetpower Optimus Prime figure with a premium style paint job similar to TakaraTomy’s Buster Optimus Prime and the other Hasbro Asia APS releases.  The description for the figure says he’s loaded with weapons, so in addition to the Jetwing backpack and Buster Ion Blaster he may also sport the Energy Blades that were given away when Striker Optimus Prime was first released in addition to the Striker version’s shield and blasters.  Like the original Buster Optimus Prime, this version of Optimus is sporting the unmasked face.  Like all Transformers Asia releases, he will likely be limited to Asian countries excluding Japan.

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