Transformers: Age of Extinction Leads The 2015 Razzies Nominations

We’re happy to announce that everyone’s favorite worst movie, Age of Extinctionm, is leading the nominations this year at the 2015 Razzies! Meaning it has more nominations for worst film then any other film! How great is that? Well not so great if you’re the person who’s been nominated for one. That’s right, we’re looking at you Kelsey Grammar! Who (as we said in our previous article) has been nominated for worst supporting actor.

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Here are links to all the nominees:.

Worst Actor 2014

Worst Supporting Actor 2014

Worst Actress 2014

Worst Supporting Actress 2014

Worst Director 2014

Worst Picture 2014

Worst Remake, Sequel, or Rip-off 2014

Worst Screen Combo 2014

Worst Screenplay 2014

Redeemer Award 2014