Third Party News: FansToys shows off FT-09 TESLA

A cursory evaluation of upcoming releases from third-party toymaker FansToys reveals a robotic action figure which bears a distinct resemblance to a certain Autobot scientist, as FT-09 Tesla is revealed in a small prototype photo gallery.
Images shared via Facebook (mirrored below) only show the prototype figure in robot mode, leaving it unclear how Tesla will look in microscope mode, assuming the figure transforms into a microscope. G1 purists shouldn’t feel too apprehensive, as Perceptor wasn’t exactly a fully accurate representation of the scientific instrument to begin with… how many microscopes in your high school science labs had tank treads, after all? In the photos below, Tesla looks to be roughly in scale with current Masterpiece figures – both official and third-party releases – and has a wide range of articulation and accessories.