Takara Tomy Transformers Adventure Line Revealed

Toy Dojo have updated their Facebook page with a look at the upcoming Transformers Adventure toy line from Takara Tomy. While the line is meant to coincide with the new Transformers Robots in Disguise cartoon , the toy line also includes Generations, Beast Hunters, and Animated toys. Pictured in the images are TAV-01 to TAV-18 РBumblebee (RiD), Grimlock (RiD), Strongarm (RiD), Steeljaw (RiD), Fixit (RiD), Underbite (RiD), Roadblock (Generations Scoop repaint), R. Strongarm (RiD Decepticon?), Swoop (Animated repaint), Snarl (Animated repaint), Knock-Out (Beast Hunters repaint), Dreadwing (Beast Hunters repaint), Nemesis Prime (RiD Optimus repaint), Ultra Magnus (Beast Hunters repaint), Lockdown (Animated repaint), Bombshell (Generations), Shrapnel (Generations), and Drift (RiD), as well as TAVVS-01 to TAVVS-03 РBumblebee vs. Steeljaw, Grimlock vs. R. Strongarm, and a set of unnamed characters based on Strongarm and Steeljaw.
It’s a very interesting mix for a toy line to be sure!
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