Rumor: New Combiner Wars Devastator & Reissue News?!

Transformers fan catz has received some information from his supplier in regards to the upcoming Combiner Wars Titan Devastator and some possible Hasbro reissues.  Check out the information below:

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(Regarding Devastator)Just got great news from my supplier:
– All new mold
– Awesome
– Huge
– Box are Metroplex sized
– Combination of voyagers and 1 leader (the number of bots inside the box are not confirmed yet – sorry for the mess)
– green
– SDCC will be yellow

He goes on to mention some G1 Reissue news with the following names listed:

– Blaster
– Perceptor
– Insecticon
– Trypticon
– G1 cone head set

The Insecticon set has already been released at K-Mart as of this week, and we’ve seen solicitation (via the Insecticon reissue set) for the 1985 Decepticon Jets / Seekers.
Blaster and Perceptor, like the Insecticons, were released just a few years ago by Hasbro.
If the Trypticon listing is true, perhaps Hasbro is utilizing the mold from when it was last used in Beast Wars II much like their the Seacon reissue (which was used during Beast Wars II and by the TCC).
In regards to the source of these rumors, catz was also the source for the first Transformers Lost Age Movie Advanced line up which proved to be accurate.
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