Rescue Bots Season 3 Episodes 12 – 15 Details

Zap2It has updated their site with some new details for season 3 episodes 12-15 of Rescue Bots! No air dates have been listed yet for the episodes but it can be assumed that they will air soon. Possibly around the same time RiD is released in February.

E12 “Did You See What I Thaw?” – The Bots discover a caveman preserved in ice and attempt to help him adjust to modern life.
E13 “The Attack of Humungado” – Monsters from Kade’s favorite movie materialize; it’s up to the DIno Bots to corral the Kaiju.
E14 “Thieves Like Us” – The Bots must contend with thieving miniature souvenir replicas of themselves.
E15 “Time After Time” – A renovated clock tower causes Cody to relive the same morning over and over.