Radio Free Cybertron Interviews Jim Sorenson About The Complete Allspark Almanac

If you’re sitting there with the Allspark Almanac Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 from Transformers Animated and you’re wondering if you need the upcoming Complete Allspark Almanac, Jim Sorenson say that yes, you do. In an interview with the fans behind the Radio Free Cybertron podcast, the writer goes into great detail about just what the Complete Allspark Almanac is… and it’s not just a collection of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2! The Complete…¬†book will rearrange the existing material, correct some formatting differences between the two volumes, add in 22 pages originally printed in the Transformers Collectors Club and BotCon magazines/comic books, and still has pages of other new material and characters from the creators of Transformers Animated!
Read on to check out the podcast. Head to the 39:48 minute mark for the start of the interview.